Winter Warmers


Winter Warmers

My toes are cold it must be winter
The frost creeps across my bonnet
People pull their scarves closer
Wind blows leaves across the street
Animals huddle and go to sleep
The nights get shorter our clothes get longer

My fingers are cold it must be winter
The rain is coming my brolly is damp
Scarecrows line the village green
Children are dressed for Halloween
Leaves are discarded the trees are bare
Chutneys are made for the village fayre

My cheeks are cold it must be winter
Cinder toffee and candy floss
Fireworks frenzy and fires aplenty
Guy Fawkes has done his job
Children laughing with sparklers in hand
Parents providing buckets of sand

My nose is cold it must be winter
Flooding and sandbags are lining the roads
Germs are attacking and people are sneezing
Honey and lemon to comfort their woes
Rain turns to snow and boots the new shoes
The question we ask is “Will winter ever go?”

My heart is warm it must be winter
Mulled wine, mince pies and Santa in the skies
People gathering, presents exchanged
Trees are twinkling and fires with flames
As families gather with love in their hearts
Food is eaten, those lost remembered

As winter makes way for spring’s new life
We pack up our jumpers and look to the light
And thank the good winter for sharing its joys
Without its frosty fingers the year would be dull
And we wouldn’t appreciate that wonderful sun.

Michelle Cadby 6.3.2013


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