Did you mean what you said?


Did you mean what you said?

I meant what I said!
But then I said what I meant and that was different
You didn’t really expect me to stay did you?
Your hands caressed me and my skin rejoiced
But then they struck me and my skin retreated
Did you mean what you said?
You said you loved me
But then you hit me
Is that love?

You gave me my fairy tale with flowers and smiles
But it soon became a nightmare with fists and knives
I meant what I said when I said I do
But then you abused me and said screw you

You told me you loved me and stroked my hair
Then broke my nose there was blood everywhere
I sat there deflated no spirit was left
I couldn’t bear to leave you I was a mess

I finally left you 1 bag in my hand, with nothing and no-one, no words in the sand
But one things for certain and that is a fact, I meant what I said ……. I’m free

Michelle Cadby 7.3.2013

Just had to post this under this poem – think it might be a campaign highlighting the effects of domestic abuse – For help you can contact http://refuge.org.uk/ or http://www.nationaldomesticviolencehelpline.org.uk/


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