Mothers day


Mum I have something I want to say
On this day, 18 years ago, I sat and prayed you’d see another
That wasn’t to be and you were taken from me
How dare that disease take its hold, when you were not even old
Even now despite the time that’s passed, my eyes begin to spill
Real life is stark without you; the edges are rough and shrill
Love and laughter we had in abundance, your light shone really bright
Every person who knew you loved you and wanted you to stay
Sunday should have been our time; I would have spoilt you rotten
So many days throughout the year I wish you were still here
Despite your absence I know you’re watching, I feel your loving stare
Amongst the Tulips, the daisies too and in the birds sweetest song,
You have one Mother, a precious gift so never do her wrong!

Michelle Cadby 10.3.2013


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