Purity to Pollution


Purity to Pollution

The skin smooth but wrinkled
Organs clear and free from wear
Soul pure and free from poison

Ideas still to be formed
Prejudice non existent
No cynicism or doubt
Just trust and wonder

Life unfolds, lessons learnt
Trust waivers and behaviour changes
Truths are learnt, limitations imprinted
Dislike is nurtured and hate does follow
Organs struggle with overuse

How did it come to this?
What happened to the purity of soul?
Where did unblemished life go?

Born with everything, left with nothing
Would life in a vacuum be different?
What is to blame for this destruction?

Could it be that I steered my own boat onto the rocks?
I see the lighthouse afore me shining
Do I have the right oars to get there?
Is my boat equipped for choppy seas?
Can I trust the light before me?
What has polluted me?

Michelle Cadby 14.3.2013


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