Push Pull

parachute 2

Push Pull

I can’t give you what you want
You sit before me with expectation
You tell me it’s not true but your words expose you
The pressure builds and I walk away
The more you push me the more I pull

You play a pointless game with pawns
But I’m not even playing
You try guilt, you try coercion
But I won’t be possessed
Next you try bribery
But I don’t have a price

Our unwritten contract sits festering and silent
I take you completely just as you are
But you want to change me, make me like you
It’s not going to happen I want to be me

So what do you wait for? Why do you stay?
Perhaps it’s the game that you just like to play
But you’ll never be happy and neither will I
You just can’t control me

I’m as free as a bird and I wish you were too
The moment you cage me my colours will fade
The reason you loved me will no longer matter
My feathers will fall and my spirit diminish

But you just don’t know this your needs are too strong
So I am above you while you scrabble around
Searching for something that gives you that meaning
It’s far too elusive and you are left reeling

So I say this with all of my heart …….

I love you
I’m leaving
I’m no longer your friend

Michelle Cadby 16.3.2013


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