Do you know Mary?


Do you know Mary?

Do you know Mary?
She dresses in blue
She doesn’t like carrots
Or having to chew
She loves yellow daisies
And clapping her hands
When she was younger she had lots of fans

Do you know Mary?
She sits next to Sue, the one next to Barbara and Angela too
She loves singing war songs, Abba and the Who
Give her a feather and watch the to do
She used to be a singer and an accountant too
And now she counts rainbows alongside the view

Do you know Mary?
She’s got hazel brown eyes
There once was a time when she was very wise
Her family expanded and now she has 10
Too many to mention except good old Ben
But nobody visits or asks who she is
The sparkle has gone and the spirit diminished

What’s happened to Mary?
Her memory is fading
Her words don’t make sense
She often gets angry and red in the face
But she understands kindness – a nod and a smile
So don’t walk past her, sit for a while

If you knew Mary you wouldn’t walk by?
You wouldn’t just leave her or bid her goodbye
You’d give her the attention she sorely deserves
And watch how she blossoms in front of your eyes

Did you know Mary?
She’s no longer here
Her pillow is wooden
Her stare is severe
She no longer dances
Her eyes are now closed

I wish you’d known Mary as well as I did
You cleaned her; you fed her and put her to bed
But you never saw past that, right into her head
And now it’s too late because Mary is dead

So when the next Mary comes into your home
Remember to know her, for all that she is
Mary is special, one of kind, you’d be lucky to know her
So try and be kind

Michelle Cadby 27.3.2013


10 thoughts on “Do you know Mary?

  1. Thanks for sharing poem Michelle.
    Yes l do know Mary,she is young,vibrant,healthy,and very beautiful to somebody.And precious to others also.(lm not very good at expressing words)
    Now people only see Mary as she is,not how she was,if they see her at all.
    Her lifes history is cruelly forgotten

  2. Brilliant Michelle there’s so many Marys out there..I have a friend who works in a care home and she always says the saddest thing is they don’t have time to stop & chat to the clients as they have so much work to do..made me feel quite emotional x

  3. Thanks Walter and I think you’re right often Mary is not seen at all. Thanks Vikki I’m glad you were able to identify with it and without being too controversial I think every job that involves contact is an opportunity to get to know “Mary”

  4. Important to notice Mary, to see and hear every Mary and to remember that Mary isn’t “other” , Mary is you……….
    Arriving or departing we are all passing through

    With thanks Michelle for noticing and responding

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