Old Roads

Old roads

Old Roads

Old roads look the same
They go in the same direction
But beside them is change
Different houses, different litter

Old roads mark rack and ruin
Forgotten feet on lonely tarmac
Wheels once rolled no longer traced
Holes of destruction avoided or filled

Old roads hold all the answers
They hold their ground, go round and round
Stories stirred and memories blurred
Feelings do resurface

Old roads once large now small
Tell stories of travellers lost
New travellers with different destinations
The ghostly imprints unseen but still heard

Old roads led to new roads
Perhaps travelled only once
Enough to take the weary traveller
To the new road of their past

Michelle Cadby 3.4.2013


2 thoughts on “Old Roads

  1. Hi Michelle lm on the road Again…as you know im not good at poetry or f understand it.
    But l like forgotten on lonely tarmac…and, Holes of destruction…resurface&tarmac and Old roads leaf to new roads

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