Loves Eyes

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Loves Eyes

Loves eyes used to be upon me, but now they fall on another
Those eyes that used to adore my bones have loyalty to another

My heart it did suspect it and even questioned why
The eyes they glazed and said, “Not so”, but their twinkle did not follow
I know your signs from days gone by when you gazed in my direction
It lit my soul with showers of gold and left me feeling special
Now that gaze is on another I stand amongst the shade,
The coldness falls, my soul descends and sits inside a puddle

The eyes don’t know their gaze is wasted
The new aspired one does not feel the same
But still the eyes do follow intently looking for that reciprocal gaze

When the eyes removed their gaze, my heart inevitably quivered
Clamouring for that next big stare, to be the apple of another
But they can cope without that stare as long as it doesn’t wander
But when it does the heart does break as the eyes don’t lie or falter

The broken soul must heal and grow and nurture a new mirage
Cos soon one day loves eyes will gaze once more in my direction
And when they do my soul will sing, my heart will be restored
For once again I will be the only one they adore

Michelle Cadby 9.4.2013


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