My Nans Knee

nans knee

My Nans Knee

How different life could have been, if my Nan had her knee
What could she have become? That question bothers me.
Who she was was good and true, loyal to the end
Kindest women and funny too, Make do and mend

When my Nan was young and fresh, she fell in love one day
Her fiancé was a daring man, who got down on his knee
One sunny day he brought his bike, my Nan took her position
But love was not to be, an accident took her knee
Her fiancé he was also lost, she wished him back at any cost

But fate it had a different plan, for my dearest Nan
Another love she met and married, children they did follow
Amongst those children my Dad did pop, a happy little fella

If my Nan hadn’t lost her knee, there would be no me!

Michelle Cadby 9.4.2013


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