Standing alone together

alone together 13.4.2013

Standing alone together

Our souls were one and the same
Intertwined, intermingled, twisted

We stood side by side with a pulsating spark
As if our bodies were beating with the same heart
When you hurt so did I, our tears a common sea
Your joy was mine, my cells did sing

Your light shone brightly mixed with mine
Warmth and healing ran through our veins
Untouchable together, no sense of pain
We stood together against the rain

No drug came close to the feelings we felt
Heady, demented, out of control

Then something did happen, your soul pulled away
It decided it wanted its own special way
So what of the twin soul, what happened to that?

Its glow did diminish and with it the heart
Life became empty without any spark
Everything was harder
A struggle

Healing power
Transformed the lost soul
Fading the memory, replacing the light
Until the soul again was ready to take flight

Its flight was golden, a journey afar
But it never forgot the depth of its feeling
For the soul that shared its heart

Michelle Cadby 13.4.2013


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