Thinking of you

bird blog 14.4.2013

Thinking of you

I hear my own breath
Mixed with the air
Thoughts rush forwards

Body lies still
Cells in battle
Thoughts of confusion

Heart and head locked in a stand off
No movement possible
Thoughts of the lost

Neurons no longer firing
A flat line residing
Thoughts of despair

Time passes by but nothing acknowledged
Progress is futile, no urge, no need
Thoughts of nothing

Nothing and no-one but wind in the trees
Snapping the branches, blowing the leaves
Thoughts of surrender

What is the point in living this life?
Does anyone notice the grief that is rife?
Thoughts of depression

Hidden from view, to protect mainly you
A falter, an ache, a wooden stake
Thoughts of desertion

A world somewhat smaller
Empty and quiet
Thoughts of whatever

A knowing, a sigh, a realisation
That only the empty can be filled
Thoughts of hope

Stroking the body, bathing in light
Gently returning to something that’s bright
Thoughts of healing

No other options but joy and light
For these things become your god given right
Thoughts of faith

Surrender to sadness and wait for tomorrow
Acknowledge the pain as it drifts slowly by
Thoughts of improvement

Storm is over
Peace restored
Thoughts of home

Take the wheel and drive it there
Destination in your hands
Thoughts of possibility

Michelle Cadby 14.4.2013


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