Smiling Assassin


Smiling assassin

Your mouth says friend
But your eyes say foe

You mission destruction
Whilst tying your bow

The act that you play requires some commitment
All your loose ends must firmly tie up

You never get angry but secretly seethe
At having to pretend you’re trying to please

The tables are turning
You’re losing your grip

Your smiling does waver
Your anger seeps out

But nobody saw it
Except only me

And I am your target
You can’t blow your cover

Your smile gets bigger
But so does mine

Your snake like pretention
Is disguised in flannel

You have some power
So use every channel

Your attempt is futile
Your opponent is stronger

Their heart and spirit more powerful than yours
Not that you’ve noticed, too blind is your rage

Locked in a battle
You will never win

Don’t let your guard down someone might see
The smiling assassin – is it you? Or is it me?

Michelle Cadby 15.4.2013


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