Boston … God bless x


Boston …. God bless x

The heart that beats in my chest beats in yours
The blood that runs in my veins runs in yours
Your eyes and mine see the same things
We hear the same callings
Our feet walk along the same pavement
Our hands reach towards the same sky
We feel the same pain
You are different, so am I, but we are the same

You’ve stopped my heart beating
My blood now runs cold
My eyes see but darkness, it’s taken a hold
My ears now hear angels and heavenly tunes
My feet touch the pavement now tainted with blood
My hands were helping but yours caused harm
Why don’t you feel the pain of my parents?
You are different, so am I but we are the same so why?

MC 16.4.2013


4 thoughts on “Boston … God bless x

  1. Thanks Brian, I just wish the people who feel such hate towards their fellow human beings could channel that energy into something more positive! It’s heartbreaking how many innocent lives are lost on a regular basis.

  2. “…we are the same so why?” says it all, doesn’t it? If our focus was on what we share in common, what ties us together, could we really do such hateful things? Beautifully written Michelle.

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