Fragile flower, strong roots


Fragile flower, strong roots

What kind of gardener are you?
You picked the most beautiful and delicate flower knowing of its fate
A gardener tends to the earth with love and patience but not you
When the bud appeared you shaped its growth, taught it what to be
The wind bent its delicate head but you offered no support, left it hanging

First sign of a petal no words of encouragement
The day arrived when the flower blossomed
Your iron fist squashed that flower
But this flowers story is not over
As a poor gardener you overlooked the small fact
That beautiful flower has strong roots

Michelle Cadby 27.4.2013


2 thoughts on “Fragile flower, strong roots

  1. Thanks Chris,

    Its good to know that my intention is translated to the reader. I hope every one of them makes people think and interpret in their own way. Thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂

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