The Secret


The Secret

The box afore you contains my secret
I’ll never tell you what it is
The smoke that rises provides a screen

Because of my secret I also know yours
Do you even remember? Or doubt like I?
Looking at you now a respectable adult
It’s hard to believe what you did

I have a dragon it resides in the shadows
Where is your beast? Do you show it?
Do your nearest and dearest even know it?
Did it corrupt you as much as I?

You have children now, how would you feel
If they had the same secret that you gave to me
You muddied the waters, you blooded the sea
Leaving a doubt deep within me

I know your secret you’ll never escape
The thing you’ve forgotten will find you one day
Leave genuine imprints all over your soul
Then you might realise just what you stole

by Michelle Cadby 3.5.2013


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