Love your vehicle

bodies 18.5.2013

Love your vehicle

Your bodies your vehicle, it carries your brain
It carries your armpits and sometimes feels pain

It really does love you, but do you love it back?
Or do you constantly berate it and give it flack?

The thing with your body it likes you to move
It likes stretching muscles and breaking a sweat

So work with your body and give it a chance
Cos the more you abuse it the less it will dance

Michelle Cadby 18.5.2013


6 thoughts on “Love your vehicle

  1. I just bought a Pam Ayres book for our Edie…..she loves poetry….your poem reminds me of one of hers……and, the arse on the statue reminds me I need to walk the dog more, and get my glutimus maximus back up to where it SHOULD be….

  2. I can’t believe you’ve not read any Pam Ayres…..her poems are funny…..and real……and not confusing like so much other poetry. I posted a Phillip Larkin poem on my blog back in December or January…..that’s a cracker! I understand the GM comment now! Ta

  3. Part of me doesn’t want to read others poetry because I don’t want mine to be influenced, I want it to be completely me. Having said that its good to appreciate others work so I shall look out for Pam. What was the Phillip Larkin poem called?

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