Whose side are you on?

whose side are you on pic

Whose side are you on?

Every day a crime is committed,
Some evil act that shocks the world,
We gasp and grimace and say that’s terrible,
But then continue with our daily chores,

Groups are forming some are angry,
Revenge at the forefront of their minds,
The rest want peace and understanding,
They try to reason with the crowds,

Who do you believe and who do you trust?
Propaganda and conspiracy theories flood all channels,
Leaders convincing and full of their message,
Join in our fight and we’ll make it all right,

Freedom of speech has gone out the window,
You’re allowed to say what they want to hear,
But what does your heart say and why don’t you voice it?
For fear of reprisals you turn a blind eye and badness happens,

All that’s necessary for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing (Edmund Burke)
So what action should good people take to put an end to terror?
The real danger we face as a human race is hidden from view but it will come,
When it does do you feel happy that you’re on the right side?

Michelle Cadby 24.5.2013


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