Weapon of choice

Weapon of choice 29.5.2013

Weapon of choice

I know that you’re angry, so am I
A fellow human’s been butchered
It’s enough to make you sick
But do you really want more killing?
Hate breeds hate, is fear what you want?

Take a strong stand; put your line in the sand
But do it respectfully with peace as your aim
You are humane, violence is not
Don’t forget who you are as revenge takes you over
Take the higher ground and your message is stronger

My poetic point has a real life example
Which gives me more fuel for my case

I once saw a programme that followed a killer
He showed no signs of remorse
They cut to his court case, the room it was full
Family of victims were angry and hurt
Faced with the killer their anger came out
They branded him evil, he didn’t even twitch
Then a man who’d lost his daughter got to his feet
He looked the killer right in the eye and said,
“I forgive you for killing my daughter”
The killer broke down with the man’s compassion
The tears on his cheek were so real

Let your weapon be that of the father who lost his daughter
Let your weapon bring a tear to your enemies’ eye
Let your weapon make the world better
Let your weapon be that of kindness!

Michelle Cadby 29.5.2013


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