I’m invisible to you yet I sit across your table
I board the bus with you and smile and nod
I attend parent teacher evening, my kids do well
I work my way up the tree using my card
I speak calmly and agree with you, no signs
I use your rules against you and hunker down my roots
I’m educated I say my bit, it sounds like I make sense
I’m slow and stealth like so no-one knows
I build my wealth, my power grows
I watch your failures I secretly sigh
I know one day my time will come, the day when I will crush you

Appeasement and misdirection these are my tools
I don’t care how nice you were when I lay sleeping
It doesn’t really matter, my ways best and you’re a mess
I will stop at nothing to remove you from your home
I won’t stop until you drop, till you stand alone
I’ve conned you, divided you and left you for dead
With not a leg to stand on, nowhere to call your own
That’s when I awaken, that’s when I will strike
When you least expect it and have no-one to defend
I will be there with all the money to spend

The only way to stop me is to look beyond what you see
To question all that comes your way and make your own decisions
Live your life impeccably and encourage that in others
Pull together and don’t divide you have a common goal
Know deep within your soul that what I say is theatre
I will appease you and cater for your ego so don’t let me
Know who you are, know what you stand for, don’t let me in
You will be influenced and guided, take a torch
I will put you off the scent, people will support me, don’t listen they’re mine
Above all else you were born with instinct something deep within your cells
Don’t fight this urge when I walk by because it’s never wrong
It was granted to every living thing in order for them to survive
So don’t ignore it, turn it up because I’m a sleeping threat

Michelle Cadby 1.6.2013


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