When is tomato soup not tomato soup? … When it’s chicken

tomato soup

When is tomato soup not tomato soup? … When it’s chicken

I sit on the shelf in my shiny red suit – I look like tomato
The other cans can’t see the difference between me and them
My true flavour is hidden behind a metal shield
I roll with the others not changing my shape

They gave me my label because it made them feel good
It meant when they saw me aligned in the shop
I fitted, I blended, I took up my space
I didn’t disrupt the line of the others

I could have protested, I could have rolled off
Instead I just sat there, biding my time
Watching the tomato, mimicking its ways
Fooling the public who worshiped the label

The people came in and made their decision
I was still left on the shelf,
Then more of the cans were stocked to replace
I recognised them, they recognised me
We sat together in silent revere

Knowing tomato was the popular choice
We continued with our silent charade
Knowing the day would soon be upon us
When chicken dominated the shelf

Then came the moment when only I was left
Your taste for tomato was strong
I sat on a shelf in your familiar label
Your purchase was confident but wrong

My flavour revealed at the last minute
When changing your mind was too late
The distaste was apparent but what had you learned?
Was it something like this?

You added a label, you chose it yourself
You did it by vision alone
You didn’t delve deeper or look past to see
You wanted tomato, it wasn’t to be
Your flavour of choice is no longer there
You now have chicken instead
Your taste buds are reeling
Your mind is confused
Your soup is now served mon ami

Michelle Cadby 3.6.2013


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