I hear Booing, I hear Truth


I hear booing, I hear truth

I hear booing someone’s telling the truth,
Lies remain easier to hear on the ear,
Lies sit comfortably manufactured to taste,
Often constructed in moments of haste,

But truth is uncomfortable it gets to the bone,
It doesn’t hold prisoners, goes down like a stone,
The person who tells it is often rebuked,
Unpopular, mistaken and given the boot

But the people who listen and believe all the lies,
Will one day experience the truth of the teller,
By then the lie will be truly embedded,
Simply impossible to leave to one side,

So before you boo something you don’t want to hear,
Listen with interest regardless of fear,
Because truth is the answer, truth is your power,
The anger it causes will soon disappear,
Leaving your conscience wholeheartedly clear

Michelle Cadby 25.6.2013


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