If I knew nothing


If I knew nothing

If I knew nothing life would be easy,
A series of yeses or no’s,
I wouldn’t be hindered, I wouldn’t be full,
I’d be open to experiences put in my way,
Wiseness would be absent, doubt non-existent,

If I knew nothing I would be incredibly wise,
The only voice guiding me the one in my heart,
I’d follow it faithfully abandoning logic,
Not stopping to hear the words in my head,

If I knew nothing I’d have clarity of vision,
Seeing only the things in front of my face,
All senses engaged in making decisions,
No brainwaves to stifle the purity of life,

If I knew nothing I’d walk every road,
Searching for somewhere to lighten my load,
I wouldn’t pre-judge it or decide not to go,
Based on information people want me to know,

If I knew nothing I’d never be scared,
I wouldn’t be wary of fearful positions,
I’d simply approach them with openness of heart,
Standing my ground, the sun shining round,

If I knew nothing my life would be rich,
Full of surprises and enviable tasks,
A series of notions, beliefs and effects,
Causing rainbows to burst into my sky,

But I do know something; it’s hard to escape,
The knowledge it sits there just like a cape,
Hiding the real road eventually I must take,
Moving me this way, that way, beyond,
Constantly fighting the nature of life,
Causing me nothing but strife,
Can I let go of the knowledge inside me,
Following a voice that perhaps is less strong,
Giving it the floor, silencing it no more,

The freedom to know nothing is finally granted,
The need to know answers no longer required,
The only importance is the beat in my chest,
The whisper of silence that plays with my mind,
The voice I once silenced is now telling me,
“I know nothing so I’m free to love me”

Michelle Cadby 29.6.2013


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