The Bones of Life

bones if life 5.7.2013

The Bones of Life

You were the softest and cuddliest one,
Your lap was a pillow, your cheeks round and full,
Your life was a mixture of struggles and fun,
But despite all the bad stuff you shone like the sun,
You enjoyed all life’s pleasures and lived to the full,
People around you were drawn by the pull,

Despite all your softness you were as tough as old boots,
Taking no prisoners and telling no lies,
Your strength was apparent; your opponents were few,
You demanded loyalty from all that did follow,
A thing they were only too keen to supply,
Always the one to help a dying swan,
People were better from your intervention,

Your body was taken one pound at a time,
The softness was hardened your bones did appear,
Your cheeks were now sunken, your lap hard as nails,
You wanted to stay round but your body betrayed you,
Attacking itself as a traitor would do,
Your soldier’s did fight it and so did the meds,
But nothing could stop the invasion attacking,
It stripped all your fighters and weakened your plight

The only thing left is the bones of your body
The structure that held the flesh in its place
So where is your essence? Where is your soul?
The thing that gave life to the empty structure,
Surely the strength of it could not disappear?
It must be somewhere that we can still hear?

Michelle Cadby 5.7.2013


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