The cult that got away

cult that got away 18.8.2013

The cult that got away

This cult is prevalent in many lands,
Its supporters come with various hands,
Many cults have come and gone but not this one,
This one grows and spreads its poison,
Scaring those who wish to expose,

Control and violence its daily bread,
Securing it’s foothold like rust on a nail,
Openly mocking and flouting the rules,

People who’ve left it have named it as so,
But still the word cult is never to be used,
For fear of the backlash from the veins,

I don’t need to name it the truth is in your heart,
Even if your head won’t let you speak it,

The seeds are well and truly planted germinating daily
Brainwashing replaces logic

It’s folly to follow,
But still you do,
Could it be that they’re gunning for you?

If only I could help you I would,
My arm is outstretched but you choose the metal,
Your fear is paralysing, their hold is too great,

Live in fear or die in vain,
Live in truth or die deceived,
Live for now or die for tomorrow,

No-one can save you from the cult that you’ve chosen,
If only you had vision to seek a different truth,
Your birth is a blessing, your death a waste of life,

The future of the world rests in your hands,
Your decision reaches across many lands,
Do you follow a cult that got away?
Or follow the goodness around you each day?

Michelle Cadby 18.8.2013


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