Beauty at the bottom

beauty at the bottom 1.1.2014

Beauty at the bottom

There are times in life when things are shit,
You feel you’re on the bottom,
You have no job, your spirit is bare,
Financial security a thing of the past,

The rollercoaster that once was high, has sunk to different depths
The bottom well and truly seen, your life it has become suddenly lean

You may be forgiven for being blue,
Sitting huddled in your own stew,
The lights around you just seem dark,
You feel unable to make your mark,

But one things for certain and this is true,
Something shiny is circulating the deep,
Standing, sitting, starting to creep,

Its core is golden, its skin is divine,
It really seems to be full of shine

It sees your darkness, it hands you some light,
Its heart is larger than ever you’ve seen,
The hands of an angel, the heart of a god,
The kindness it offers moistens your eyes,
Feeling the pain that sits in your chest,
It throws you a protective vest,

You would never have seen it when right at the top,
But now that you’re floundering, sinking in weeds, the beauty if finds you, brings you to your knees,
The places it comes from are deeper than skin,
Rendering you speechless and humbled and touched,
Angels in everyone, people you know, touching your soul like only you know,

A generosity that fills your heart and leaves you silent,
People become clearer, their essence is lit,
Their warmth it heats you and heals all your wounds

You’re here for a reason, a lesson is learnt,
The shit becomes shiny,
As at once you can see,
Beauty is at the bottom,
I’m glad it found me


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