Don’t feed the hand that bites you

don't feed the hand that bites you 31.1.2014

Don’t Feed the Hand that bites you

The hand you feed is out to get you,
It shakes you warmly but is no friend,
It takes your essence it imprints your life,
It probably coverts your wife,

When you’re falling will it catch you?
Or merely open its palm and flee,
When you feel it you know it’s wrong,
But time has allowed it to become strong

The more you feed it the bigger it gets,
The fingers grip tighter, their hold in defence,
The more you struggle, the tighter it gets,
Stopping you breathing or leaving,

Chop it off and set it free,
Before it causes you misery,
For the hand you feed is ready to bite you,
If not it will probably fight you

Michelle Cadby 31.1.2014


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