Nobody’s Somebody

nobodies somebody 14.3.2014

Nobody’s Somebody

Nobody isn’t a nobody if they’re a somebody to somebody
Many people think they’re a somebody when in fact they’re a nobody
Many somebody’s think they’re a nobody when in fact they’re a somebody

So are you a somebody or a nobody?

How do you know you’re a nobody? Did a somebody tell you?

A somebody is jaded, misguided, misplaced so don’t take their word for it, don’t get sucked in.
I see a somebody in nobody’s skin

Shake off the nobody,
Say hello to somebody,
Sing a different tune don’t get left as a loon

Your nobody status is noticed by some,
Treatment does change for the sense of occasion,
Somebody’s treatment is better than yours,
Only because of their prettier drawers

So embrace your somebody, do it today
Unless be a no-body until your dying day

Michelle Cadby 14.3.2014


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