My wonderful Mum x

Me and mum facebook

My Wonderful Mum x

I love your warmth,
I love your humour,
I love your laugh and crinkly eyes,
I love that you’re a shorty who can’t reach high things,

I don’t love that you’re gone now, taken from me,

I love that you loved me with all of your heart,
I love that you called me smart,
I love that your love was truly embracing, much like an invisible casing,

I don’t love the silence sits deep in my being,
I don’t love the gap that will never be filled,
I don’t love the darkness that has infected my soul,
I don’t love the humour that is now lost for good,
I don’t love the burdens I carry alone,

I love all the things that you taught me to do,
Like cooking, cleaning and using the loo,
I love that your arms were as warm as a bear,
I love that you hugged me whenever I was there,
I love that I have things that came straight from you,
I love that my blood used to run in your veins,
I love your attention, the pride in your eye,
You made me feel special, so good deep inside,

I don’t love the blackness, the vast empty sky,
I don’t love the days when I just have to cry,
I don’t love the silence at the end of the line,

I love that I feel you in everything I do,
I love that you’re safe now, far from harm,
I love that you’re walking, holding your Dads arm,
I love that you can see me wherever I go,

I don’t love the seat that now sits empty,
I don’t love the vase that now has no flowers,

I love that we spent 18 years here together,
I love that I can write you this poetic verse,
I love that you kissed me right on the lips,
I love that you gave me your womanly hips,
I love that I retained you in words and deeds,
I have your kindness and I plant your seeds,

I don’t like hospitals they’re too much to bear,
I don’t like to think of your deathly stare,

I love that my heart will carry you until death,
I love that I’ll love you until my dying breath,
I love that you guide me in all sorts of ways,
I love that I see you in the sun’s rays,
I love that the birds sing out your song,

I don’t love today because you’re no longer here,
But I love you dear Mother so don’t shed a tear x

Michelle Cadby 30.3.2014


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