Sick bones stable

grand gestures 17.4.2014

Sick bones stable

Stillness, creaking, draughts and dust,
Key is turning, movement a must,

Feet do enter, voices are heard,
The group is coming, much like a herd,

The hall does brighten, the stillness gone,
Chairs are moving, glasses do chink,
Biscuits are opened, what of the milk?

Round in a circle, ready to seat,
The many enthusiastic feet,

A bell in the distance, the group it draws near,
Only one voice to hear,

Ears at the ready, toes on the go,
The warm up begins, arms ready to show,

Stretching, breathing, chests are heaving,
Graceful movement all around,
Eyes do sparkle, smiles do play,
Laughter makes the hall seem gay,

Fingers outstretched, sick bones stable,
The muscles awaking from their sleep,
Look to the left and look to the right,
Nod to your partner “Alreet”

Bodies responding to their inner voice,
Doing the things that they can,
Such is the pleasure of every waking cell,
The rumours of stiffness dispelled,

Shaking it out in every direction,
Taking a step at a time,

Time for the water, a chat and the loo,
Bell in the distance must be act 2,

Watching, waiting, anticipating,
The circle is empty except for 2 feet,
The movement is graceful, strong and refined,
More feet do enter and find their centre,

Entwined, responsive to movements they see,
An arm outstretched a head it bows,
More feet enter and find their position,
A wonderful vision to behold,

Bending, twisting, unfurling limbs,
Reaching their heights and flying their wings,
Freedom of movement engagement of mind,
Total at oneness with each other’s offer,

Spinning and grinning and chuckling too,
The movement infectious impossible to miss,

So who are the movers?
The people that dance?
Bringing the hall from its dusty trance,

They’re made up of souls,
Who are similar but different,
Something quite special,
Some might say Grand,

Their Gestures spontaneous,
Their movement’s sublime,
Ready to dance anytime,
Inside or outside,
Alone or together,
Helping another or inspiring themselves,

If you’re lucky to see them, you’re in for a treat,
You won’t be able to sit in your seat,
Their energy infectious, the movement, the beat,
If you’re wanting to find them follow those feet,

Michelle Cadby 16.4.2014


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