Losing your voice

losing your voice 17.1.2015

Losing your voice

1 voice “I friend”
2 voices “yes you right”
3 voices “I agree”
4 voices “we’re with you”
5 voices “this is the way”
6 voices “there’s consequences”
7 voices “join us”
8 voices “we do it our way”
9 voices “we won’t take no”
10 voices “we rise against you”
15 voices “we break your law”
17 voices “we make our own”
20 voices “it’s ours now”
25 voices “you do as we say”
28 voices “we remove our opponents”
32 voices “you are wrong”
40 voices “we do what we want”
45 voices “your time here is over”
50 voices “we don’t care about you”
55 voices “you’ve nowhere to hide”
60 voices “we own every detail”
65 voices “we silence through fear”
70 voices “your rights have been taken”
75 voices “you must now comply”
80 voices “you have not a place here”
85 voices “we don’t want to see you”
100 voices “you’re dead”

Michelle Cadby 17.1.2015


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