The pattering of tiny beats

patter of tiny beats

The pattering of tiny beats

How can it be real when it’s so imagined?

How can it find me and then go away?

How can it return with nothing to say?

Perhaps it’s deceived me, perhaps it just lied,

Why does it play so deeply on my mind?

I thought it had left me, I thought it was gone,

Yet here I am completely affected.


The beat did quicken as soon as it returned,

I felt a connection much deeper than space,

Yet the vehicle shows no trace,


I wish I could stop it, I wish it would go,

To save the sorrow that only I know,

I wish I could show it, I wish it could grow,

But I can’t risk letting it go,


I wonder if it feels the heat deep within,

Sent from a distance, wanting more,

A destiny unknown, right at the core,


The pattering of tiny beats elevated once more,

If only the reason for these tiny beats was sure,

The beauty of feeling nothing but pure,


Left in the wake of something not there,

Could it be that it will never care?


Michelle Cadby 9.4.2015


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