I’ve written stories all my life and have folders full of little tit bits I wrote when I was happy, sad, angry and everything in between. Never one to bare my soul in public (Yet here I am with a blog!) I found stories were an ideal outlet for unspoken words.

My memory of poetry at school was that it was a tedious struggle to make the last word of each line rhyme. I think at that point in my head I filed Poetry away as difficult, time consuming and not much fun.

Quite a few years later following a redundancy which forced me to re-evaluate, I found myself with lots of time to play with. My path took me into a very creative environment where I was spurred on to explore my creative side. It had always been there, harnessed and waiting to get out while I focused on more “grown up” things. When I realised that poetry didn’t have to rhyme I was hooked!

I’ll be honest with you the first poem I ever attempted was purely based on the desire to win the £1000 prize! (When you are redundant every penny counts!) It was not because I really knew what I was doing or had anything in particular to say. However as soon as I started the words just flowed and I had a very strong emotional reaction to what I was writing. I didn’t win the competition but I was asked if I’d be happy for my poem to go into a book. That little bit of encouragement was all I needed and now I just can’t stop writing poems.

I don’t know anything about the rules of poetry so whether they are good or not only you can decide. All I know is that I love writing them and that every word comes from deep within my soul. Its my way of communicating all those things I think and never say. I hope when you read them you find a connection and that they move you in some way. Some of them are just fun and I hope they bring a smile to your face.

One of my other many interests is photography and all of the images are my own. Some are Au Naturel and others have been doctored slightly (The brightly coloured ones!) Like poetry I don’t know the rules of photography but love strong imagery. I’ve tried to choose complimentary pictures to go with the poems …. let me know what you think 🙂


4 thoughts on “About

    • Thanks Michelle,

      I really appreciate you taking the time to read them and I’m glad you found them moving.

      I look forward to reading one of your winning stories one day and here’s to many more Twitter conversations 🙂

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