Some of the inspiration for the poetry comes from own personal experiences. Often I think more than I say and a poem is a perfect place to express those thoughts.

Some of the poems are inspired by amazing people that I’ve been fortunate to meet who have survived things that are unimaginable.

Some poems are inspired by a conversation, a picture, a feeling or an observation.

In some cases the picture inspires the poem in some cases the poem informs the picture. In some cases neither!

I hope you feel inspired x

tulips power of poetry

Power of Poetry

I think the best example I can give as to the power of poetry is a work meeting I attended a few years ago.

The attendees were made up of very important people who were high up in their organisations. The order of the day was a series of formal presentations designed to highlight the pertinant issues.

Near the end of the event a very humble and ordinary lady stood up and brought the audience to their knees with a poem she had written. She didn’t have any powerpoint slides, she didn’t have formal presentation training. All she had and all she needed was her heartfelt words which she had shaped into the most beautiful poem.

The message of the whole day was summarised in that 5 minute poem and there weren’t many dry eyes in the house. The whole room was completely silent and it was a very special moment.I think it was right then that I realised how powerful a poem can be.

Do you have a favourite poem? One that stops you dead in your tracks? That inspires you? That leaves you breathless? I’d love to know what it is …..


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