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Do I have a book in me?

They say that everyone has a book in them? All I know is up until now I have lots of half books in me – many of which are sitting abandoned in my drawer. I get an idea for a plot, get really excited about it, dive in and spend hours typing away. Get completely lost in the story and the characters then wander off to another story which is even better. So can I really finish a 90,000 word book?

I set myself 3 challenges this year –

1) To familiarise myself with Blogs and start one up – Successfully completed
2) Write a book
3) Say yes to things I would normally say no to (Within reason!)

So now I have completed challenge 1 there’s no excuse for not get started on challenge 2. This page is me taking a deep breath and making a committment to start my book – Its in black and white so I can’t ignore it!

So here is the plan – 1000 words every day starting on Monday 18th of March 2013
I have a plot in my head but this time rather than doing my usual diving in I’m going to plan out the chapters before I start to stop me drifting into another story. I shall do that this weekend so come Monday I shall be raring to go!

To keep a log of my progress I aim to write an update on this page at least once a week. I shall put the newest posts first so you don’t have to go searching to the bottom of the page to find them!

I’d be interested to know if you’ve written books and what your experience has been?


Thought provoking Tweet

Ok I know I haven’t posted here for ages (a month to be exact) and to be honest I’m not convinced anyone reads this page anyway which reduces my guilt. But then again the only person I’m really accountable to is myself so I do have a twinge of something. Having said that guilt is a waste of time so I’ll shut up and get on with this long overdue post.

The reason for putting fingers to keyboard came from a Twitter comment made by It started like this

Brian Groves Brian Groves ‏@bgdtcoaching 7 Jun
“The extent to which we believe in ourselves is reflected in the allocation of time we give to our goals”

I asked how that was translated and we had a reasonably lengthy conversation (by Twitter standards) Brian then turned the conversation round to my book (Coaches for you!) and asked

How important is the book to you? Look for the answer in your heart, not your head Michelle ;-))

He then finished the conversation with

Set a tiny goal which makes your feet tickle, your pulse race and your smile light up the north/south/east/west – then begin

Now this got me thinking because I do a lot of that – perhaps marginally more than doing but I am an air sign so give me a break you can’t fight your astrological responsibility!

The book is important to me and has been since I was a child when I wrote stories on every bit of paper I could get my hands on. Communicating through the written word is my thing. It’s always been my thing; I used to spend all night writing in the days before word processors and laptops. I would have sore fingers from trying to get the words down as quick as my brain wanted me to. There’s no doubt in my mind that before I leave this mortal coil I shall have a completed book. But the book is one part of my full life, I have lots of others things that I dedicate my time to. Things that make me smile, things that hold my interest, right now it’s not my top priority so perhaps it sits further down the to do list. Its position will change over time as it moves from top 10 to top 5 back to top 10. That’s the way life is, it’s unexpected, just when you think it’s sorted someone throws you a curveball. You either move out the way or get hit, being flexible is what gets you there.

I’m already a big believer in the following your heart thing I tell people to do it all the time. But how can we ignore that big cerebral part of us that says, “That’s all well and good but if you don’t prioritise getting another job you will be writing your book from a shed” It’s pretty hard to ignore that kind of voice. I know that J K Rowling wrote her book while in abject poverty and perhaps that aided her motivation. Perhaps if you really want something enough you do it even if you are starving and you have no roof over your head. But then we all have to make that choice – do we pursue what we truly want at the detriment of everything else because our heart tells us to or do we make the same journey but take the sensible route? It might take longer but we will still get there? So life becomes a constant battle between heart and head. Sometimes my heart wins, sometimes my head and occasionally the 2 work together in perfect harmony. The point is they know exactly what to do and when and I trust them implicitly. They are the things that guide me, the inner voices that point me in the right direction.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I know I will finish this book – it might be in 1 year it might be in 10 but I know I’ll write it because I never set goals that don’t make sense.

Date – 11.6.2013
Pages of book – 22
Words – 13156
Words left to complete – 76844

eyes book

For the person who looked at this page yesterday this entry is just for you!

God I just can’t get past this writers block! The only reason I’m writing this is because I noticed someone had looked at the page the other day. Then I felt guilty thinking what if they came back for a progress update to find diddly squat written. Then I thought perhaps I should carry on with writing the book so I have more pages than last time to report on. The operative word here is thought as that is as far as it went. I never actually did it!

So what can you say when all you’ve done is thought about writing the book that you promised yourself you would write. Well I suppose I could talk about what I’ve done instead but that’s not really newsworthy. I’ve applied for jobs I didn’t get shortlisted for, I’m made lots of chutney, played my Ukulele, tried to make the world a better place and worked on some self development. So why in the name of wholly moley can’t I get back into my writing routine?

Answers on a postcard to Procrastinators anonymous!

Date – 5.5.2013
Pages of book – 22
Words – 13156
Words left to complete – 76844

Mel Gibson stole my mojo

I’m ashamed to say I’ve been avoiding writing an entry because I haven’t written one single word of my book in 10 whole days! That’s not to say I haven’t been writing at all, poetry wise my fingers have been in hyperdrive, inspired by everything around me.

Coming back from my really exciting and fun filled Easter break I’ve been feeling a bit flat and dealing with odd upset that I wasn’t expecting so I guess I have been wallowing a bit. Listening to the Braveheart soundtrack and feeling sorry for myself. Its no excuse but I think inspiration wise writing was the last thing on my mind. I was in a field alongside Mel Gibson fighting for my freedom or at least my mind was!

So here we are on a Friday afternoon and the sun is shining, so rather than promising great things like catching up on all those words I haven’t written I’m going to say that by the next time I next post on the blog I shall have at least 1 more page written!

What do you do when you hit a writing road block?

Date – 19.4.2013
Pages of book – 22
Words – 13156
Words left to complete – 76844

blog book 9.4.2013

Hit a rocky road or at least an Easter egg road!

OK so I had the best of intentions for the easter break. Despite having a mammoth tour of the UK planned visiting friends and family over easter. I’d decided I was going to leave whichever dinner table I was at and head into a cold dark corner of the house to spend an hour writing with my new mantra in my head “No matter what” As it transpired my friends got out another bottle of something nice and we partook in some good conversation and as the evening dwindled and my mantra changed to “No matter what I’ll write something tommorow” To be fair I did stay up one night when my friends had gone to bed and typed away into the wee hours. On reading it the next morning I wasn’t convinced my time had been best spent so my word count is a tad frugal to say the least. However I did spend a good hour discussing the writing of my book with a friend who has spent 2 years writing hers so surely talking about it is nearly as good as writing it?

Anyway I’m back to my “normal” life now so there is no excuse not to get back to my daily writing – the plan is to catch up on the words I haven’t written and be back on track by the next time I write an entry on this blog.

So less than satisfactory progress to date is

Date – 9.4.2013
Pages of book – 22
Words – 13156
Words left to complete – 76844

Book 28.3.2013

It’s been 10 days and I’m still on target!

Ok so surprisingly I’m still on target with the word count although it’s not been quite as consistent as I’d like. My plan of doing 1000 words a day went out the window when I found some new Uke songs which I wanted to practice. However due to my extremely enthusiastic writing of over 2000 words on other days I’m still on the target highway. As this is my first attempt at writing a whole entire book I’m utilising the experience of others by reading a book which tells you how to write a book –

Writing a Novel and Getting Published for Dummies

On their suggestion I have been writing every day even if it’s a descriptive piece about someone I’ve met. So the women I met in Sainsbury’s the other day will be pleased to know I have written 2 sides of A4 about the meeting we had over the carrots. I didn’t speak to her so I’ve created her a whole new life just from my imagination. So who knows next time you see a women staring at you in Sainsbury’s it might be me and you might be my next literary victim!

One of the things I tend to do when exploring something new is get very excited about it and tell everyone. One of the first things they ask me when I tell them about this is “what is the book about?” It’s a good question and in the past I made the mistake of enthusiastically telling a friend the plot, the exciting tense moments that would be in it, the inside leg measurement of the main character and at the end of my tirade she turned to me very calmly and said, “Someone has already written a book about that” Which pretty much killed my enthusiasm dead. Arguably what I should have done is written it anyway because whilst a book with a similar theme may have been written my book would have different. But I was suitably deflated to leave my half written masterpiece rotting in a folder. So this time I am not telling anyone what the story is about!

I asked other writers on Twitter how they feel about letting people read their stuff before it’s finished. The general consensus seems to be keep it under your hat. So this book is well and truly under my hat (not that I do hats!).

So current status of secret book is

Date – 28.3.2013
Pages of book – 18
Words – 10490
Words left to complete – 79510

Onwards and upwards!


I stuck to the plan!

I was determined to stick to the writing plan and not only did I manage it but I exceeded it. Despite today being extremely busy I still sat and wrote the first 3 pages of my book. It seems a bit odd calling it my book, a bit grand, but then its also practical because its mine and its a book.

Anyway current status of book is

Date – 18.3.2013
Pages of book – 3 and a third
Words – 2029
Words left to complete – 87971

Feeling hopeful that I can do this! Think the accountability on here helps!


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